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Rankoil Energy Gulfood Exhibition has gained a lot: Use good products to create a good life


From February 19th to 23rd, 2024, the world’s largest annual Gulfood Exhibition was held at the Dubai World Trade Center. Rankoil company, a subsidiary of Oneroad Group, made a beautiful appearance with its own brand Green Forest’s full product lineup. During the exhibition, Rankoil’s booth received more than tens of thousands of global customers and signed orders of more than 10,000 tons, becoming one of the star booths that attracted much attention.

Rankoil’s exhibit lineup is very rich, covering staple foods, snacks, snack foods, health foods, tea drinks, condiments and other categories, providing a full range of product displays from raw materials, semi-cost to finished products. Products come from all over the world, have multiple certifications such as origin, green, organic, halal, etc., and enjoy a high reputation among global customers and partners.

Among them, fragrant rice, dried fruits, cashew nuts, peppers, bird’s nests, wild honey and other products originating from Southeast Asia, Cambodia and Thailand are highly praised. During the exhibition, more than 80% of the customers at Rankoil’s booth visited and inquired about the above products multiple times, and more than 60% of the orders came from the above products.

Ms. Xie Luying, general manager of Rankoil, said that Cambodia and Thailand in Southeast Asia have superior ecology and a very good green agricultural production environment. The core purpose of its agriculture is high quality rather than simply high yield. Rankoil’s agricultural products are selected from the core production areas. They are 100% from the place of origin and adhere to local light processing to preserve their pure natural flavor and highest nutritional content.

As a global value chain management platform, Rankoil is always committed to exploring and supplying the world’s most potential and valuable product portfolio, from energy products, industrial raw materials to agricultural foods. Rankoil not only connects the world with trade and logistics, but also vigorously supports the value-added supply chain and industrial upgrading of product origins to promote local economic and social development and improvement of living standards. To this end, the Oneroad Group, in collaboration with the Cambodia Ministry of Commerce, has established the first two Cambodia-UAE Commercial centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They will not only provide product displays originating in Cambodia, but also serve as a platform for the Cambodia-UAE governments and An important platform for private enterprises and investors to carry out exchanges and cooperation.

Ms. Xie Luying said: In Cambodia, in addition to commercial operations, we have always insisted on public welfare donations to backward areas. We believe that helping local people create a better life can better improve product quality. Only by providing better products to customers around the world can we help them create a better life.