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New Media

Oneroad Advertising Media is an advertising company under the Oneroad Group,relies on building elevators and transportation mobile platforms to plan, produce and distribute brand promotion information for customers.

The elevator advertising screen of Oneroad Advertising Media covers major shopping malls, high-end office buildings and high-end residential community areas in Dubai, occupying mainstream high-quality consumer groups, and accurately screening reliable audience targets for customers.

At present, it has been invested for 4 years, covering about 4 major commercial office areas, putting more than 8,000 terminals, affecting more than 200,000 people on average per day, and the market share of elevator frames is as high as 30%, becoming the rising star of Dubai's advertising industry.

Oneroad Advertising Media delivers targeted brand promotion information, and has become a core scarce resource with the advantages of high frequency, low interference and strong absorption. Product innovation and research and development are the beliefs of Oneroad Media that has always surpassed itself. In product research and development, Oneroad Media takes more efficient communication as the core of research and development, and creates more communication channels.

Oneroad Advertising Media combines the Internet with products, and through a powerful background data management and analysis system, obtains effective big data of market in real time, and conducts professional analysis of the data, so as to provide customers with more professional brand promotion services. As a media company with a Chinese cultural background, it not only cooperates with China's first-tier media brand companies, but also satisfies the mutual dissemination of information between Dubai and China, and has become an important cultural and economic exchange platform between the two countries.

In the future, Oneroad Media will insist on providing solutions for customers who are persistently pursuing brands, and providing realistic and efficient marketing services for brand enterprises,accumulate a lot while consuming little,continue to improve the quality of brand services and enhance brand value, and study product innovation and research and development with perseverance and innovation, so as to further expand brand influence,at the same time, with efficient communication as the service core, around the United Arab Emirates as the central hub, and with the advertising media business as the link,extend the development field to other regions such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia and East Africa.


About 10,000 terminals are expected to be put into operation by the end of 2023, affecting more than 1.5 million people on average daily.

And relying on the roof LED screens of taxis, the daily impact will increase to more than 3 million people.

By the end of 2024, it is estimated that tens of thousands of terminals will be put into operation, with an average daily impact of tens of millions of people (including non-resident groups such as tourism).