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Company Development

  • Future


    Oneroad Group will continue to improve the quality of assets, deploy the global market, focus on technological innovation, carry out R&D innovation, and improve the level of informatization, so as to create greater growth space for employees, create greater value for the society, contribute more to the country where the business is located and become a global enterprise trusted and loved by the society.

  • 2022

    Petroleum Refining Project Investment

    Oneroad Group's Oil Refinery is another important investment project belonging to the oil and gas chemical industry of Oneroad Group, which is still under preparation. Oneroad energy business is engaged in import, export and domestic trade distribution in Cambodia, plans to set up a petroleum refinery and equip oil storage tanks with total capacity of 300,000 tons,in order to promote the structural upgrading and optimization of Cambodia's national petrochemical industry and change the supply pattern of petrochemical products in Cambodia.To improve the self-sufficiency rate of refined oil in Cambodia and promote the development of Cambodia, the Oneroad Group's refining and chemical project will be a landmark project of Cambodia's industrialization. The overall planning of the refinery is 5 million tons of annual refining capacity, 2 million tons of annual refining capacity is planned for the first phase, and 3 million tons of annual refining capacity is planned for the second phase. This project is scheduled to be put into production in 2025.

  • 2021

    VIP Security Service

    According to the overall development strategy of the group company and the secure economy and secure development needs of the countries along the “Belt and Road”, expand the VIP security concierge fleet,serve the diplomatic in the host country, governments, distribution representative offices, enterprise institutions and individuals and other customer groups , dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality security concierge services, establish a good corporate image, and build a chain of brand effects.

  • 2019

    Auto Distribution

    Oneroad Auto Trade is a company under the Oneroad Group specializing in the automobile agency and distribution business. Up to now, it has the automobile dealership rights of three automobile brands including Hongqi ,Great Wall and Dongfeng. Through the expansion of its own projects, Oneroad has accumulated a lot while having consumed little to help China's own brand cars enter the Middle East, East Africa and Southeast Asia and other regions.

  • 2018

    New Media&Auto service

    Oneroad Advertising Media is an advertising company under the Oneroad Group. It is mainly responsible for the operation and maintenance of elevator advertisements, including elevator frame advertisements, elevator advertising screens, movable advertising screens and other equipment. This is an era of mobile Internet, when consumers can obtain any information anytime and anywhere, however, excessive information causes people to be overwhelmed by information, thus losing a lot of promotion value. How to advertise more targetedly and make the input information generate the same value is a problem that Oneroad Media has been researching deeply for a long time. The elevator environment is simple and has a very low degree of interference, with more than 20 rides per week, forming mandatory viewing during the period of waiting or taking the elevator, and converting it into advertising attention, enabling the brand to form in-depth communication with the audience.

  • Oneroad Auto Service Center is a franchised automobile service subsidiary of Oneroad Group. Relying on the group's automobile business, it provides other auto brands with services such as vehicle repair, maintenance, sheet metal, painting, electrical air conditioning and other services while meeting domestic needs.Oneroad Auto Service Center is an enterprise aiming at the auto aftermarket. It has successively set foot in dozens of auto service fields such as auto maintenance, auto beauty and decoration, auto modification and repair, auto parts base, etc.,and adhering to the concept of "sincere service", "people-oriented" and "efficient and convenient",has been all the time providing high-quality services to the vast number of customers.

  • 2017

    Public Transportation

    Oneroad Taxi is a taxi company under Oneroad Group. It is the seventh taxi company in Dubai that has been strictly reviewed and approved by the local Ministry of Transportation RTA (Dubai Roads & Transportation Authority) and issued a legal business license by the Dubai Ministry of Economy.Under the strict review and control of the traffic department, through unremitting efforts and with its own strong strength, Oneroad Taxi has finally established the first taxi company with Chinese background, creating a milestone of great historical significance.

  • 2013

    Energy,Oil & Gas Chemical Bulk Trade

    In 2013, Oneroad Group began to engage in bulk trade of basic resources such as petroleum, petroleum accessories, liquefied gas and other energy products, chemical raw materials and minerals ,and provide services for energy departments, material companies, chemical companies, construction companies, non-ferrous metal smelting companies, energy distributors, fuel suppliers, industrial users, oil refineries, and bulk commodity trading companies in various countries.

  • 2012

    Electronic Products General Trading

    Cooperation Wing Industry was established in Dubai in 2012. It is a company under the Oneroad Group with general trade of electronic products as its main operation business,and has established and owned a number of stores in Dubai.