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Oneroad Automobile Service Centre

Oneroad Automobile Service Centre

Oneroad Auto Service Center, established in 2017, is a franchised auto service subsidiary of Oneroad Group. Relying on the group's automobile business, it actively adapts to the development and change of new technologies represented by internationalized "Internet +", big data, Internet of Things and Internet of Vehicles.

It is an enterprise aiming at the automotive aftermarket, and has established a new after-sales service team,and since its establishment, it has been committed to building the Oneroad Automobile After-sales Service Center into a modern comprehensive and advanced after-sales service platform.

As one of the largest enterprises engaged in auto service in the UAE Chinese auto aftermarket, Oneroad Auto Service Center has a workshop area of 6,000m², covering dozens of auto service fields such as mechanical and electrical, sheet metal painting, electrical air conditioning, etc.,and it is expected that additional auto services will be added,such as car beauty, car modification and repair, auto parts base.


Oneroad Auto Service Center has always been adhering to the operation concept of "sincere service", "people-oriented", "efficient and convenient", and closely following the development direction of new technologies ,so as to provide our customers with the best quality auto services.

In the future, Oneroad Auto Service Center will continue to follow the strategic development layout of the group company's automobile and travel business, starting from Dubai, radiating to the countries in the Middle East Gulf, Southeast Asia,East Africa and other regions and expanding the area with points to form a global network.

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