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Oil and Gas Chemical Industry

Oil and Gas Chemical Industry

In 2013, Oneroad Group began to engage in bulk trade of basic resources such as petroleum, petroleum accessories, liquefied gas and other energy products, chemical raw materials and minerals ,and provide services for energy departments, material companies, chemical companies, construction companies, non-ferrous metal smelting companies, energy distributors, fuel suppliers, industrial users, oil refineries, and bulk commodity trading companies in various countries.


Rankoil, a subsidiary of Oneroad Group, has a complete supply quality monitoring system to strictly screen these manufacturers, distributors and large traders. Among them, the suppliers of energy products mainly come from the Middle East, the Arab region, member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council and Russia, etc., and the suppliers of minerals mainly come from South America, Africa, the Middle East and other regions. By analyzing the supply and demand of customers, the service areas provided by Oneroad Runkeyuan include: credit screening of suppliers and customers, product economics, establishment of trade framework, negotiation of trade plans, trade risk control, trade financing, contract execution , warehousing and logistics program support, etc..Oneroad has always delivered decisive competitiveness to the important links of bulk commodity trade with an international vision, standardized operating procedures and rich practical experience.

Products engaged in: crude oil, LPG, diesel oil, fuel oil, asphalt, sulfur, base oil, polymers and other products.

Market areas: China, Middle East, Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia), East Africa (Kenya, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Rwanda, etc.), North Africa and other regions.

Crude Oil


Diesel Oil

Fuel oil



Base Oil


In addition,Oneroad has its own lubricant brand "Royale". Oneroad "Royale" lubricant is produced in German formula and UAE production method. In the field of this product industry, Oneroad maintains close communication with customers and tailors novel overall solutions for customers to meet their diverse and individual needs. Its customer types involve automobile supply, OEM manufacturing, construction machinery, engineering construction, steel and cement, shipping and other industries. Oneroad Group, as a manufacturer of lubricant products, strives for excellence in its "Royale" lubricant productivity, and provides sustainable, safe, reliable, efficient and cost-effective products and services to achieve excellent value for money.Today, "Royale" lubricant has been extended to China, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, East Africa, North Africa and other many market fields.

Car Lubricating Oil

Mechanical Lubricant

Shipping Lubricants