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The Thai Ambassador visited Oneroad Group and had friendly exchanges on promoting investment in Thailand


On January 18, Mr. Sorayut Chasombat, Ambassador of Thailand to the United Arab Emirates, and his delegation visited the Dubai headquarters of Oneroad Group. Ms. Zhang Chenling, CEO of Oneroad Group, held talks with Ambassador Sorayut Chasombat on investment cooperation matters.

Ms. Zhang Chenling said that as an important market in Southeast Asia, Thailand is rich in products, has strong tourism development, broad market space, and high economic activity. There are very suitable cooperation opportunities between the two parties. Oneroad Group has a very rich investment portfolio in Thailand, including fixed assets, tourism, automotive distributions, equestrian sports and other related high-end cultural tourism projects. Oneroad Group attaches great importance to investment projects in Thailand. At present, the preliminary research work of the project has been completed, and the subsequent implementation work is progressing in an orderly manner.

Ambassador Sorayut Chasombat said that the investment projects of Oneroad Group is very ambitious and exciting, and is of great significance to the Thai market. Thailand will actively coordinate departments at all levels to provide necessary support and assistance for the smooth implementation of the investment projects. Ambassador Sorayut Chasombat further stated that in view of the wide business scope of the Oneroad Group, he hopes that the Oneroad Group can expand its investment in Thailand and also help Thai agricultural products enter more international markets.

Ms. Zhang Chenling expressed support for this. As a staunch practitioner of the Belt and Road Initiative, the countries and regions along the Belt and Road are key investment areas for the Oneroad Group. Oneroad Group will do its best to contribute to the promotion of bilateral and multilateral trade and investment, economic and cultural exchanges, and create commercial and social value for regions and people along the Belt and Road through broader cooperation.