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Oil and Gas Chemical Industry

In 2012, Oneroad Group began to engage in bulk trade of basic resources such as petroleum, petroleum accessories, liquefied gas and other energy products, chemical raw material products, and minerals. Provide services for energy departments, material companies, chemical companies, construction companies, non-ferrous metal smelting companies, energy distributors, fuel suppliers, industrial users, oil refineries, and commodity trading companies in various countries.

We have a complete supply quality monitoring system to strictly screen suppliers such as these manufacturers, distributors and large traders. Among them, the suppliers of energy products mainly come from the Middle East, the Arab region, the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council and Russia, etc., while the suppliers of minerals mainly come from South America, Africa, the Middle East and other regions. Starting from the customer's supply/demand analysis, the areas we can provide services include: credit screening of suppliers/customers, product economics, establishment of trade frameworks, negotiation of trade plans, trade risk control, trade finance, contract execution, warehousing and logistics support. With an international vision, standardized operating procedures, and rich practical experience, we deliver competitiveness to important links in bulk commodity trade.


Automobile Distribution

Yilu Industrial Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in automobile trade and automobile after-sales service. The automobile service workshop covers an area of ​​5,000 square meters and has an experienced team in the industry. With the help of the superior resources of the group company, it is committed to building a modern comprehensive automobile service platform, including automobile import and export, automobile services, automobile supermarkets, etc., and later develops in the direction of high-tech automobile technology industry. Adhering to the concept of "sincere service", "people-oriented" and "efficient and convenient", we provide our customers with high-quality services.


VIP Security Travel

According to the overall development strategy of the group company and the national security, economic and security development needs of the countries along the “Belt and Road”, expand the VIP security concierge fleet to serve the diplomatic, government, distribution representative offices, enterprises, institutions and individuals in the host country and other customer groups , Dedicated to providing high-quality security concierge services, establishing a good corporate image, and building a chain of brand effects.

In the direction of the host country, region, sea area, or the country's major overseas investment and strategic asset projects with medium and high security risk levels, set up a strong VIP security guard team (including maritime guard team) with absolute strength to protect the representative offices abroad. The exercise of functions, the safety of the assets of enterprises and institutions, the personal and property safety of foreign nationals, and the maintenance of the country’s overseas strategic interests.

International Tourism

Oneroad Travel, an international travel company under One Group, has a rich product line, covering a comprehensive product system of outbound travel, domestic travel, customized travel, visa, business travel services, business travel, etc. Booking, customization, after-sales and peripheral services. As a professional international tourism company, Oneroad Travel has the advanced concept of international mature tourism market, and can give full play to its overseas advantages to provide customers with more complete services. Oneroad Group leverages its strong group background advantages to develop with China and the United Arab Emirates. , Cambodia as the starting point, and continue to expand tourism business to Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries, providing global, professional and customized itinerary services. As a group company with a Chinese background, all services are to provide the most convenient services to the Chinese people, and to provide Chinese customers with convenient Chinese services, from product introduction, customized itineraries, to travel pick-ups, all of which can better help Tourists understand the information of the destination, properly customize the travel plan, and have a perfect itinerary experience.

In future planning, Oneroad International Travel will focus on improving customer experience, improve service quality internally, expand the scope of itinerary externally, and build a cost-effective international tourism brand.


Project Investment

The investment holding company of Oneroad Group, in the fierce market wave, has always accurately observed the changes of the times, conformed to the development of the times, adhered to the business model of "financial innovation + industry-driven" double-effect operation, continuously improved its development strategy, and actively built and Promote the large-scale development of core industries, and strive to provide flexible services for suppliers in different fields. In 2022, it will start investing in petroleum refining and deep-water terminal projects.