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Oneroad Group held talks with the Ambassador of Sri Lanka to initially discuss investment intentions


Mid January, at the invitation of the Embassy of Sri Lanka, Ms. Zhang Chenling, CEO of Oneroad Group, and her delegation visited the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Abu Dhabi and met with Udaya Indrarathna, Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the UAE. The two sides hold talks on investment cooperation matters.

Ambassador Udaya first introduced Sri Lanka’s national conditions, geography and economic and social development. Ambassador Udaya said that Sri Lanka has superior climate conditions, fertile land, good agricultural economy, developed plantation economy, and is rich in tropical cash crops. Sri Lanka has rich natural and cultural tourism resources, and tourism is an important part of Sri Lanka’s economy. In addition, Sri Lanka also has certain mineral resources. The Sri Lankan government strongly encourages and welcomes foreign-funded enterprises to invest in Sri Lanka.

Ms. Zhang Chenling introduced the business areas and investment portfolio of Oneroad Group. Ms. Zhang Chenling said that Sri Lanka is a key investment target of Oneroad Group. The group will choose the opportunity to implement a package of investment projects including tourism, travel, automobiles, agricultural product trade, minerals, etc. and continue to expand and enrich it.

Ambassador Udaya invited Oneroad Group to go to Sri Lanka for an on-site inspection and will coordinate and arrange for relevant government departments to hold investment cooperation negotiations. Ms. Zhang Chenling expressed her support and gratitude for this. Ms. Zhang Chenling said that the countries and regions along the Belt and Road are key investment areas of the Oneroad Group. Promoting regional bilateral and multilateral trade cooperation is not only in line with the development plan of the Oneroad Group, but also will promote the economic and social development of Sri Lanka. Both parties agreed to continue communicating on investment matters and formulate an investment roadmap after on-site inspections to promote the smooth implementation of Oneroad Group’s investment projects.