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Oneroad Group Successfully Held Cambodian rice first launched to UAE held departure ceremony in the New Year


On January 12, 2024, One Road Group successfully held the New Year’s Eve in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Departure ceremony for the first batch of 500 tons of Cambodian rice sold to the United Arab Emirates. H.E. Cham Nimul, Minister of Commerce of Cambodia, and more than 100 guests from all walks of life witnessed this important moment.

In a passionate speech at the launching ceremony, Minister Cham Nimul. In her speech, she first affirmed the efforts made by Oneroad Group to promote the export of Cambodian agricultural products. and highly praised the work of Oneroad Group in operating Cambodia’s business centers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. These two commercial centers play an important role in promoting trade between Cambodia and the UAE. In particular, the commercial center promotes Cambodian products, economy, news, trade, investment and tourism to the UAE, in line with the upcoming Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between Cambodia and the UAE main goal.

Minister Cham Nimul pointed out that exporting rice, represented by One Road Group (Cambodia) Company, is not Just to promote international trade but also between Cambodia, UAE and China good cooperation. I hope that this export will open up new markets for trade and investment cooperation between the three countries. Provide new opportunities for strengthening cooperation in economy, trade, investment, tourism, culture and other fields. Finally, Minister Cham Nimul More also expressed hope for further strengthening and protecting the Cambodian origin brand.

Cambodian rice is sold to the Middle East and has received strong support from the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce. 2023, with the strong support of the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce, Oneroad Group has established Cambodian business centers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which has greatly promoted economic and trade cooperation between Cambodia and the United Arab Emirates. Through its commercial representative offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Oneroad Group actively promotes Cambodian rice and dried fruits in the Middle East (cashew nuts), dried fruits (dried longan, dried mango, banana slices) and honey, pepper, coconut, etc. Specialty agricultural products are widely welcomed in the Middle East.

The shipment of the first batch of rice demonstrates the competitiveness and attractiveness of Cambodian rice in the international market. It not only means that Oneroad Group has made significant progress in exporting Cambodian rice to the Middle East. A breakthrough will also open the door for more agricultural products to enter international markets such as the Middle East in the future.

It is worth noting that this trade export is not only the first launched of Cambodian rice in the Middle East market during the New Year, but also a new attempt by Oneroad Group to carry out trade between “third countries” overseas. This new trade model, that is, “Chinese companies promoting international trade among other countries overseas,” may become a new model and new direction for Chinese companies to go overseas.

Oneroad Group will take this successful shipment of rice as a starting point, continue to work hard to expand the sales of Cambodian rice and other agricultural products in the international market, and actively explore more trade channels and cooperation opportunities. At the same time, it also injects new vitality into Chinese enterprises’ full participation in international trade and expansion of the global market. force and provide new ideas.