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Dubai Oneroad Hongqi and Dahua Technology join forces to demonstrate the power of Chinese brands to the UAE government


National brand linkage shines on the international stage, Oneroad Hongqi and Dahua Co., Ltd. hold a product promotion meeting

At the end of March 2022, Dubai Oneroad Hongqi and Dahua Co., Ltd. jointly held a product tour. During the event, Hongqi Automobile made its debut confidently, showing the extraordinary charm of the national brand with Dahua’s intelligent products, and promoting the exchange of international culture and products.

Strong alliances, national brands bloom together

At the event, the UAE royal family, representatives of local dignitaries, representatives of FAW-Hongqi, and VIPs from the local automotive industry and their peers were invited to attend the event to witness the feast of technological products brought by FAW-Hongqi and Dahua.

Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. is the world’s leading video-centric smart IoT solution provider and operation service provider, while FAW Hongqi is a high-end domestic car brand bred by China’s FAW. The powerful alliance between the two sides jointly conveyed the confidence and strength of the national auto brand, and promoted the exchanges between Chinese and Arab enterprises under the “One Belt, One Road” initiative.

Hongqi H9 makes stunning debut

Blooming Chinese luxury car brand

At the promotion meeting, the star model “Hongqi H9” from FAW Hongqi made a stunning appearance. The dignified appearance and exquisite and elegant interior attracted the attention of the public. The right-hand man of the UAE Royal Sheikh also made an appointment for a test drive with Yilu Hongqi.

In fact, this is not the first time that the Dubai royal family has come into contact with Hongqi cars. The Sheikh family has already learned about and purchased several Hongqi cars before, which fully confirms the love of local consumers in the UAE for Hongqi cars.

Thanks to the developed economic environment, mature automobile ecological chain and professional consumer groups in Dubai, UAE, it has become one of the important strategic centers of Hongqi brand in the Middle East.

Walk together all the way to create a “flag” trace. Up to this event, One Road Red Flag and Dahua Co., Ltd. have successfully held two product promotion conferences, establishing a good image of China’s own brand with an alliance attitude, and showing the world the “hard core” strength of Chinese manufacturing. In the next May, a brand new tour promotion conference will be launched, and the two parties will work together to promote the new pattern of national brand development in the Middle East.